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Hello, my name is Victor a 54-year-old Bronx resident, born in Hell’s Kitchen NY who loves to travel. As a Dj and music producer, I have been fortunate to have traveled and performed in many countries like Italy, London, Germany, and many other cities and states throughout the United States.

Unfortunately, back in 1998 my career as I had known it came to a halt. I was diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Failure and needed to start Dialysis immediately. This is a life-changing disease that came from hypertension. I did 8 years of Hemo-Dialysis before the wonderful Gift of Life arrived, a huge sacrifice for my donor’s family. “The Grass Family” from Missouri. David, my 18-year-old donor gave me a second chance at life only after losing his own to a drunk driver.  Soon after I was struck with Testicular Cancer.

After a challenging and successful surgery, I was able to move forward with my life and I am pleased to say I am cancer-free, Life has thrown many challenges my way and what I have found is that through all these challenges I love to travel and create great memories that I can look back on when I am at my worst in life. I have found them to be therapeutic. And they cheer me up.


Melo’s Travel World was started in honor of my beloved service dog Melo, a 16-year-old rescue from Hurricane Katrina. Sadly, we lost her to cancer in early 2021. Melo loved to travel with my wife and I, we quickly realized that there was a need for a pet-friendly Personal Vacation Planner, as service pets are allowed with the proper paperwork too many travel destinations including cruise ships.

There are many obstacles such as filing proper documentation at various cruise ports if you would like to disembark with your fur baby. That’s where Melo’s Travel World comes in – we want to make it super convenient for anyone and everyone to travel.

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Pet Friendly Destinations

We know it’s hard to truly enjoy yourself when spending time apart from your fur baby, finding pet-friendly accommodations isn’t always easy.


Well, you and your

fur baby are in luck.


Melo's Travel World has plenty of pet-friendly getaway options, from campgrounds, beaches, and dog parks, to upscale inns and hotels.

Look no further than

Melo's Travel world.


Travel Consultations

Traveling, whether it’s a family, group, or a couple's vacation, it's a great experience that can be life-changing.


But to make sure your trip is  memorable, productive and safe you should get a travel consultation.


A travel consult is a key part

of planning your trip.


Here at Melo's Travel World your Personal Vacation Planner is available before, during and after your trip.


Travel Booking

A good Booking Experience makes Travel easier by offering services that aren’t just professional quality, they're preferred 


Melo's Travel World goes beyond the consumer-grade experience to create & deliver personalized Travel Booking Services to satisfy & enhance the experience for all.


Whether with us by phone, online or on mobile,you will enjoy consistent content and personalized travel booking services. 

Victor Sanchez

As a Personal Vacation Planner, I provide custom personalized travel planning for an individual, a couple, families, and even groups. I am growing my business with personalized referrals from my many clients, which I believe is a sign of their trust, satisfaction, and confidence in the many detailed services I provide.


I love to travel and it is my very own passion and love that has encouraged me to share what I know with my friends and family. I found that I enjoyed planning their trips and that started me out as a what I like to call an unofficial Personal Vacation Planner.


As a Personal Vacation Planner, I plan to focus my travel business on cruises to all destinations through all major cruise lines, travel to Europe as well as land only or land/air packages to all-inclusive resorts - in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico and in the US.


So, if you’re looking to book your next adventure filled with memories that will last a lifetime and need some help from a Personal Vacation Planner look no further - great vacation values on cruises and other getaways are just the beginning. A long-lasting relationship is our goal with our clients assuring them that they now have someone who will make things easier for them to travel anytime, anywhere.

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